More than 25 years of experience are a guarantee for user-oriented planning and configuration of reactive current compensation- and series resonant circuit systems as well as measurements for the validation of the installations and the network quality (Dranetz measuring instruments).

In addition, due to our business relationships over many years, the entire product and user knowledge of the VISHAY Roederstein ESTA Group as well as our choke- and distributor construction partner, FRÜHAUF-electric, is at our disposal without restrictions.
Our largely maintenance-free, low-loss series resonance circuits (for all voltage levels) enable the observance of the residual harmonic- or THD values specified in the "Recommendations for the assessment of system perturbation of Austrian power supply companies" or determined individually. Disturbances due to an increased level of residual harmonics are effectively prevented both in your own system as well as for adjacent current collectors.

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